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Anura Personnel Transport


The Anura-class military transport was developed to quickly deploy and recover a platoon of troops or recon team and vehicle on the battlefield.

Anura, Standard (Sheet)
Anura, Standard (Deckplan)

Anura Personnel Transport


The Anura-class military transport was developed to quickly deploy and recover a platoon of troops or recon team and vehicle on the battlefield. This variant sacrifices armor for cargo capacity.

Anura, Variant (Sheet)
Anura, Variant (Deckplan)

Clydesdale Class Transport


These sturdy vessels were a common sight above the battlefield, quickly moving troops, supplies, and firepower to where it was most needed.

Fenris Class Patrol Boat


The Fenris-class patrol boat is designed for extended patrol and escort duties. It often operates alone as police ship and border patrol vessel.

Horizon Class Recon Ship


Commissioned at the beginning of the war, as a stealth reconnaissance vessel, the Horizon class did not enter service until after the war had ended. As a result, it is outfitted with the latest equipment and systems

Horizon (Sheet)
Horizon (Deckplan)

Lelantos Class Military Transport


The Lelantos-class was developed early in the war to fill a variety of roles. With an fair sized bay, it could easily carry a small craft, troops, and supplies. It was also well armed and armored, and was exceptionally maneuverable both in space and atmosphere.

Lelantos (Sheet)
Lelantos (Deckplan)

Mourning Wolf


Vessels of this base class are easily identified by their large anti-ship turrets. Three of these massive turrets are on the dorsal side of the hull – two forward and one aft.

Seeker Scout Mk I


Designated as a Seeker-class scout ship – it was built for reconnaissance and surveillance during long range operations. It is designed to be operated by a single pilot.

Seeker Scout Mk I (Sheet)
Seeker Scout Mk I (Deckplan)

Seraphim Exploration Vessel


The original design was created as both a fast escort and a transport, though the end of the war saw her class design changed to an exploration and scientific vessel.

Shadow Wolf


A variation on the Mourning Wolf class, not only are the big guns gone but so are both of the lower hangar bays. This variant is focused on stealth reconniassance.

Valkyrn Class Interceptor


The Valkyrn class of interceptors is designed to perform a wide variety of duties from escort, to reconnaissance, to long range patrols; asically, one step up from a heavy fighter.

Military, Fighters

Sparrowhawk Class Fighter


This new breed of fightercraft was custom designed for areas where space is a premium; little more than a cockpit with powerful engines and guns attached.

Stormcrow Class Fighter


The Stormcrow-class fighter is essentially a “Sparrowhawk Mark 2”. Advances in technology have allowed for a reduction in engine size without a loss of thrust.

Sunfury Class Fighter


The Sunfury-class is a solidly built fighter designed to carry a heavy payload.

Vulture Class Fighter


The Vulture-class heavy fighter is slower but more durable than typical fighters. It also packs more firepower.


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